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It makes sense to realise that your thoughts determine your behaviour.  However, how often do we stand back from our behaviour and examine our thinking?  I would suggest, not very often. Let’s take an example.  You have had a day of events that have all conspired against you.  You were late getting into work…(Read More)

  Let’s face it, we are all living busy lives.  We have so many distractions and inputs that it is no wonder that our brain goes into overdrive and says ‘Noooo’. The amygdala is the part of the brain that senses ‘fear’ and this happens when we  feel we  have no control over the…(Read More)

Yeah, it’s 2017!  Time to press the re-set button and set some new goals! As we all know, it’s easy to start with great intentions but by the end of January, it can be all over! So, why does this happen? Let’s take the example of ‘going to the gym, 3…(Read More)

How to empower others

For the purpose of this article, empowerment is defined as ‘wanting to take accountability for a task or outcome’. The key word is ‘want’. So, how do you get employees to ‘want’ to take on additional tasks or activities? There are a couple of ways I want to share with you: 1. Coaching Coaching is…(Read More)

The Power of Feedback

How do you react when someone says to you ‘I want to give you some feedback’?  The chances are you take a short intake of breath and think ‘what’s coming, what are the negatives’. Well the good news is, it isn’t your fault to think like this. Our brains are always scanning the…(Read More)