The Empowering Leader Programme
Are you experiencing…
Stagnant growth?
Uncertainty in marketplace?
Too much change?
Disengaged employees?
Low productivity?
Stressed managers?
Managers will learn how to…
Set goals in a NEW way that engages employees
Ask questions to create openness and honesty between colleagues
Give and receive developmental feedback
Create a 'learning' culture within the team
Coach teams as well as individuals
Build rapport with different stakeholders
What is unique about The Empowering Leading Programme?

Using cutting edge Neuroscience to underpin learning.

Our very own CHOICE coaching framework to aid Empowerment.

Aligns to the Association of Coaching ‘Recognised leader as Coach‘ award

Neuro-linguistic Programming tools taught to understand how people think, feel , act and achieve results.
What you can expect

Welcome live webinar to meet other colleagues.
End of programme webinar to review learnings.

One to One coaching support via skype with professional coach on a current challenge

Face to face
Attend a 2 day workshop to practise coaching skills, learn how your brain works and get the best our of your team.

Helpful tips
Receive tips via video to implement into your daily work.
What clients have said...