Executive Coaching
Have you ever felt…
Stressed by your workload?
Desire for perfection holding you back?
Difficult to keep your emotions in check?
Your team are not performing as you would hope?
Bored and disillusioned by the work you do?
You are holding yourself back?
Good news! You can…
Relax and let go of the need to be perfect
Foster a 'learning' mindset
Regulate your emotional state
Get the best out of self and others
Find your 'mojo' and renergise self
Be the best you at work and home
How Executive Coaching helps your managers and ALL employees
Easily fits in and supports your other development initiatives
Gives employees the opportunity to be supported and developed
Enhances employment loyalty, due to professional development
Minimal time away from the job – 60 minute focused sessions
Can involve 3-way contracting with manager and stakeholders if required
Delivered via skype or face to face at times to suit your business
What you can expect
As an Executive and Mindset coach, Kim can help you to see through the fog and get clarity on how to deal with everything life throws at you.  Kim isn’t a counsellor and doesn’t follow CBT-style formulaic approaches.  Instead, she focuses on helping you to achieve results in life where you want change or a new focus so you can be ‘who’ and ‘how’ you want to be.

Chemistry Fit
Initial discussion to determine ‘fit’ between coach and client.
Discuss contracting and confidentiality.

First session – Goal setting
Discuss issues and determine goals
Use diagnostics (if applicable) eg, 360, MBTI etc
Time for reflection to generate thoughts and actions

Subsequent sessions
Using our extensive brain friendly toolkit, challenge thinking to encourage insights
Share tools, models and experience where necessary to help client consider options
Follow up on actions

Review outcomes
Discuss outcomes, learnings and feedback for coach and client
Feedback with Talent Management about return on investment
Discuss next steps
Four brain friendly development packages designed to drive insights and change mindset

Developing Talent
Group kick off webinar or face to face workshop to determine goals using diagnostic tools
One to one confidential sessions with focus on providing a safe place for thinking and reflection.
Focus on career development, strengths and development needs

New Manager Development
Personally tailored tips & techniques that help the manager deal with difficult challenges and get the best out of their people and achieve business success
Package includes a number of articles, coaching and follow up

Setting up for Success
This package is for interns, apprentices and graduates who are new to work
Participants learn how to meet expectations of working in the organisation, network and build their personal brand

Partner/Executive Coaching
Opportunity for Managers & Executives to have a sounding board & discuss issues
Discuss strategy development to meet client requirements
Discussion around how to work collaboratively and without hierarchy/functions

What clients have said...