Personal Coaching
Have you ever felt…
Stuck in a rut?
Lacking in confidence?
That nothing you do is good enough?
Constantly guilty?
Exhausted or drained?
Angry or losing patience for no reason?
Good news! You can…
Look forward to the day
Feel and look confident
Have a sense of achievement
Feel re-energised and have fun
Feel valued and loved
Cope with what life throws at you
What you can expect
As a Mindset and Executive Coach, Kim can help you to see through the fog and get clarity on how to deal with everything life throws at you.  Kim isn’t a counsellor and doesn’t follow CBT-style formulaic approaches.  Instead, she focuses on helping you to achieve results in life where you want change or a new focus so you can be ‘who’ and ‘how’ you want to be.

One-to-one Support
Weekly skype coaching sessions at times to suit you. Focused discussion and tips so you can work on becoming who and how you want to be.

Tools and Strategies
Through online programmes, motivational talks and coaching, you will learn valuable skills that you can transfer into your daily life.

Habit Forming Techniques
Discover how you think and behave and its impact on others. Learn new habits of being, that will transform your thinking and your relationships.

Happier and Healthier
Opportunity to work on all aspects of your life that are not working for you, so that you can be happy, healthy and successful in all that you do.

Clear Action Plans
Every step of the way, actions will be reviewed to make sure you are on track to achieving your goals that positively impact on your life.
What clients have said...