About Kim Harvey

I have been working in the field of Personal Development for 25 years and worked as a corporate Leadership Development Trainer for a number of companies in the UK and across Europe. I taught coaching as part of leadership training so,  I decided to develop my expertise in this area.

Over the past few years, I have completed a number of studies as I have a love of learning in the area of the brain and self development. Through working with clients and my own personal journey, I see the positive impact Mindset coaching can have on people’s lives. Hence, I am unapologetically passionate about it!

For example, what stops clients from achieving their potential in life is their Mindset!  Emotions such as guilt, anxiety, anger, sadness, all occur because of the way we think. Inertia, procrastination all come down to mindset and occur because clients have allowed negative thoughts to drive them.   If you focus on what you don’t want, guess what, the brain will deliver this!   The good news is that the brain is plastic and therefore can be re-programmed to over-ride existing beliefs and unhelpful thoughts

I have gained a certificate in Neuroscience, am a Master practitioner and trainer in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and certified as a Brain Based Health coach. I also have a MA in Management.

I live in the Cotswolds with my husband, teenage son and dog. I enjoy fresh air and walking, keeping fit, socialising with friends, travelling and going to the theatre.