“After our first session together I felt completely different.”

Mindset 4 Success
“After our first session together I felt completely different.”
At Mindset 4 Success we use cutting edge neuroscience of the brain to help clients identify solutions to issues.
Some coaches spend a long time discussing the clients issues, but this creates a negative loop and allows 'cortisol' to flow through the brain. When this happens, insight and innovation cannot occur.

As an accredited Executive and Mindset coach, I help you focus on what you do want so dopamine is released and creativity flourishes. You will feel a natural high and unleash ideas and actions you never thought possible.
We are Accredited Coaches

Kim Harvey
"What I love about using brain based tools in my coaching sessions is that clients are able to make significant shifts in their mindset, by coming up with insights that inspire them to make changes to achieve results."

Jacquie Stafford Sumner
"Brain based coaching moves people from drama and problems in their working lives to vision and possibilities. I particularly enjoy the ‘aha’ moments this coaching allows. They move people to new learning, deeper satisfaction and an energy to get things done."

We are Accredited Coaches with the Association for Coaching and are proud to abide by their code of ethics.
What we offer: Coaching

Executive Coaching
Achieving your potential whilst creating balance in your life.

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Personal Coaching
Helping you find pleasure and happiness so you can live your best life.

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What we offer: Programmes

The Empowering Leader Programme
Empower your workforce and improve productivity and boost performance.

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Go Digital Programme

Create a collaborative digital culture in your business.

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