Who should attend? 
This 1 day course is for you if you are a business owner or new to leading people. If you have employees who can't think for themselves or won't make decisions without your presence, then this is for you!

Trust is vital when leading. If employees do not trust you, they will not go the extra mile and perform as you require.

During the day, you will learn proven techniques that you will be able to take back to work and implement immediately that will make a positive difference on employee morale and results.
What you will achieve
Be able to coach and give feedback based on facts and not assumptions
Identify each employee's potential and how to adapt own leadership style
Deliver information clearly and concisely without becoming emotional
Match your 'say with your do' to build trust
Build a team vision and charter
Objectives and Content
Carry out an assessment in order to create a Team charter with your employees
Create ground rules for employees to operate by
Build a Trusting environment to allow honesty and openness to flow
Delegate and Empower your employees
Participate in a team exercise to determine natural 'team' style and receive feedback about contribution during the exercise
What clients have said...