Who should attend? 
This 1-day course is for you if you want to build your confidence, create a positive mindset and improve your communication with others.

You will work through existing and potential barriers; identify a plan of action while working on the beliefs underpinning success. Not only will you take away confidence and belief to deliver on the goals you have been working on during the day, you will also have a toolkit to help you and others in future situations.

Furthermore, a follow-up coaching conversation is part of the package.
What you will achieve
Build confidence and develop a 'can do' attitude
Tackle and remove negative thinking and beliefs
Improve communication
Identify goals and take action
Receive a toolkit to help self and others stay positive
Objectives and Content
Identify work goals and objectives ensuring that they are SMAC (specific, measurable, achievable, compatible) as well as building a "positive spiral" based on how the brain works.
Raise awareness of negative body language; limiting beliefs and twisted thinking that may be "hidden" to the individual.
Understand the key barrier preventing success.
Identify longer-term goals and understand how shorter term goals fit within this.
Introduce GROW model to develop an action plan for success.
Build confidence and a "can-do" attitude to increase energy and motivation for success.

What clients have said...