Who should attend?
This 1 day course is for you if you look at life as glass half empty!

We often make judgements about people or situations that are not based on fact. This can create cortisol which is the stress hormone to run around our system which causes us to feel stressed and anxious.

You will learn how to suspend the judger mind and turn on the learner mindset which is full of open enquiry and opportunity. Much more healthier for you and the people around you!
What you will achieve
Challenge your own assumptions and those of others
Create a learner mindset that is open to change
Banish assumptions and replace with open questions
Suspend judgement and the critic within
Listen with intent rather than to listen to reload
Objectives and Content
To become more aware of own self questions and to increase the quantity and quality of own internal questions
The impact of the questions asked to other people and how to develop 'learner' mindset thinking
How mindset affects thinking, actions, relationships and results
Practise using learner-centred questions
To avoid making mistakes and suffering unintended consequences based on false or incomplete information
What clients have said...