Motivational Talks
Kim is trained as a Brain Based Coach and Health Coach, so is able to offer talks around personal leadership and health related topics. These help support company 'wellness' strategies. She frequently speaks at events across the UK.
Each of the topics below are delivered as 1 hour interactive presentations, either face to face or via live webinar.

What stress does to your brain & body
What you will learn:
• How the brain is wired
• The impact of cortisol and dopamine on our performance
• 5 things that cause you stress 
• Understand your stressors and how you can reduce them
How to motivate others for success
What you will learn:
• The difference between motivating by threat or reward
• How the brain views feedback
• Your preferred motivation style
• Tips on how to motivate for success
Building your personal brand
What you will learn:
• How the 'how' is more important than the 'what'
• Identify your core values and whether you are living them
• A framework for determining your brand

How to kick your sugar addiction
What you will learn:
• The impact of sugar on your health
• How to eliminate sugar cravings
• Powerful tips to increase energy and stop blood sugar highs / lows
• Foods that give you the dopamine hit

Building emotional resilience
What you will learn:
• How your brain is wired and the conditions it requires to develop positive thoughts
• 3 tips to deal with your emotions without losing your cool
• How to feel relaxed and in control of how you feel and behave
How to get a good nights sleep
What you will learn:
• Sleep and its impact on your wellbeing
• 7 tips to restful sleep
• How to calm down a busy brain
• Sleep hygiene and what it means
• The impact of technology on our brain at night

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