Online Programmes
Fitting time in to learn around a busy life is difficult. As a result, Kim has developed a series of online programmes to help you fit learning around your schedule. With over 25 years experience in the field of Personal skills development, Kim has worked with well over 1000 people during that time and has a wealth of knowledge, tools and techniques that are proven and will work for you in business and in life.
Current Programmes
Prices from £49
Take a look below at our current online programmes. If you’d like to receive details of new programmes as they become available, click here to get in touch. If there are any specific areas where you would like help just let us know.
How to give and receive feedback with ease
Most of us become defensive receiving feedback and are often uncomfortable offering it. Sound familiar? Then this is for you.

How to be emotionally resilient in life
Do you find yourself not being able to handle your emotions easily? Learn how to deal with any situation without losing your cool.

How to stop procrastinating and start doing!
This programme is for you if you keep putting off things until tomorrow! Learn why this happens and how you regain your focus.

How to have a difficult conversation 'well'
If you have trouble dealing with members of staff, struggle with differing attitudes to others or feel undermined in your day to day life, this programme can help you.

How to be comfortable with change
It is perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable with change. With this programme you can learn how to bring about change in self and others in a positive manner.

How to start getting what you want from others
Learn how to influence others - be it colleagues, your boss, spouse or children - by understanding the styles of others and how to flex to meet their needs.

How to be work ready
The number one attribute that employers look for in any employee is a positive attitude. If you are a Student, Apprentice or want help to get the job you want and achieve great things in the world of work, then this series of short modules will equip you with the mindset you require.

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