Who is it for?
A series of modules available for students, Apprentices or for anyone, who wants to learn skills and techniques to be competitive and ready to be effective in the world of work.

You will learn how to adopt a ‘can do’ attitude, deliver excellent customer service and much more.
What will you achieve?
Module 1– Develop a ‘Can do’ attitude
  • Learn what your brain requires to be positive
  • Identify how to network to elevate status and reputation
  • Learn methods to keep a positive mindset, whilst under pressure
Module 2 – Creating your Personal Brand
  • Understand standards of dress and business etiquette
  • Learn how to differentiate yourself and create your ‘Edge’
  • Craft your own ‘elevator speech’
Module 3 – Delivering Customer Service
  • Identify who your customers are and what they want
  • Learn techniques for answering the phone and giving great service
  • How to deal with difficult customers with respect and integrity
Module 4 – Organising your workload
  • Learn to prioritise tasks and set objectives
  • Understand your body clock and plan tasks around it
  • 7 ways to stop procrastinating and get stuff done.
In addition to these modules, to help you be ‘work’ ready, Kim recommends that you study the ‘How to start getting what you want from others’ and ‘How to give feedback without being defensive’ programmes.

How will you achieve it?
Bite-sized chunks

We know learning has to be easy, accessible and fun or you just won’t do it. This is why every one of our core training videos is broken down into short, digestible 30 minute lessons so you can assimilate, implement, and take action in the most pleasurable way possible. No information overload or feeling overwhelmed! 

Each video is also accompanied by a clear, detailed description so that you know what’s covered and you can also easily reference the lessons you want to repeat later.

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