Who is it for?
This programme is for you, if you if you want to influence your colleagues, spouse, children, or boss to your way of thinking, but you don't know how.

Learn how to influence by understanding the styles of others and how to flex to meet their needs.

A necessary skill for life!
What you will achieve
Know your preferred communication style and those of others
Flex your communication style to influence others to your point of view
Adapt your body language, words and tone in line with others needs
Identify the 4 communication styles and how to create rapport with each
How will you achieve it?
Bite-sized chunks

We know learning has to be easy, accessible and fun or you just won’t do it. This is why every one of our core training videos is broken down into short, digestible 30 minute lessons so you can assimilate, implement, and take action in the most pleasurable way possible. No information overload or feeling overwhelmed! 

Each video is also accompanied by a clear, detailed description so that you know what’s covered and you can also easily reference the lessons you want to repeat later.

What clients have said...