See your business results sky rocket

Retain your top talent

Develop a reputation for being a ‘great employer to work for’
Did you know that 70% of people leave organisations because of the Manager they were working for?
So, do you have team leaders/managers who:
  • Don’t know how to hold conversations with team members around engagement and personal growth?
  • ‘Tell’, rather than ‘Ask’ employees what to do? 
  • Struggle to address behavioural/attitude issues on their team, resulting in demotivated team members?
  • Need to retain their top employees, but can't offer them any career advancement?
  • Rarely give honest and open, effective feedback to employees?
  • Do not hold regular one to one or group coaching conversations to talk about employee development and improvements in productivity?

  • We have a solution!
The Empowering Leader Programme
Research shows that organisations which truly engage employees outperform those who don’t by 202% (Dale Carnegie research). Coaching is one of the most powerful ways to empower and engage employees.

With over 25 years leadership experience, we have developed a unique and time proven ‘Empowering Leader Programme’. This is not just another coaching model. We have combined cutting edge brain science with a range of concepts and techniques used to understand and change human behavioural patterns, otherwise known as NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP).
The benefit of this combination is that you learn about:
  • How your brain works and how to get the best out of other people’s brains
  • How to build relationships with anyone and create trust to have meaningful conversations
  • How to change an employee’s behaviour and mindset so they can achieve their potential
  • How to ask deep level questions that shape thinking and create actions to achieve results
  • How to give feedback that reduces threat and encourages positivity
  • How to empower employees using our very own CHOICE framework for structuring coaching conversations
The CHOICE Framework
Coaching is about giving people CHOICE to identify solutions to problems and make decisions. This is the heart of Empowerment! The CHOICE Framework is designed to equip managers with tools and techniques so coaching becomes part of their everyday management practise.

Using our extensive experience in the field of Neuroscience, we understand how to maximise learning.

The Empowering Leader Programme is designed to be experiential and therefore memorable. It is also broken down into digestible pieces so that your brain can absorb and retain information and skill.

Spanning 4 weeks and using different media, this programme will assist your employees to authentically engage their teams and enhance their leadership skills.
Week 1  
A 45 minute webinar to welcome participants, explaining programme objectives and its format. Discuss pre-work for workshop, completing preparation questionnaire and reading of articles.


A 60 minute one to one coaching session via skype with an accredited coach, designed to help participants work on a current challenge, plus an opportunity to experience the coaching benefits for themselves
Week 2 
Attend a 2 day ‘The Empowering Leader’ workshop
Week 3 
Receive video tips giving exercises for participants to practise during the week with their teams or with other participants from the programme; for example finding opportunities to give team members meaningful appreciative feedback or using deep questioning to solve a problem and raise motivation.
Week 4 
Check in, group coaching and sharing of lessons learned, take aways and next steps


This programme meets the criteria of the Association of Coaching (AC) 'Recognised Leader as Coach' which means participants can be assured this is an accredited coaching programme with a prestigious coaching body.
Outcomes for your business and your managers
What the business will achieve
  • Cultivate a 'coaching culture' within the organisation to encourage empowerment and self development
  • Managers preferred style moves from 'tell' to 'ask'
  • Highly motivated employees who want to be stretched and rewarded
  • Managers who engage with employees on a regular one to one basis to support their potential and growth
  • Increased business results due to empowered employees and self directed goals
  • Keep top talent because they are motivated to fulfil their potential and are being continually developed
  • Promoting awareness and expectations of the various Generations and how to work together to achieve results
What managers will learn
  • How to create a deep level of rapport with employees so they are empowered to reach their potential
  • A NEW way to define goals with employees that they really want to achieve
  • How to create a 'Towards' motivation state when coaching
  • Brain friendly techniques that support learning and growth
  • Questioning and Listening skills that get employees thinking and create insight (aha moments)
  • How to 'clear the space' so employee and leader are free to concentrate on the coaching conversation
  • Being present and deliver 'in the moment' coaching and feedback
  • Creating effective strategies and actions so the employee delivers results.
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