Case Studies
As clients, your confidentiality is assured. Below are some testimonials from clients, with their names removed to protect their anonymity. All the testimonials are genuine. Kim is happy to give details of clients who have agreed to be contacted, should you require it.
Situation 1
Overcoming addiction
‘I have an addiction to gambling and it is ruining my life. I am in debt and my relationships are suffering. I can’t seem to stop gambling on-line. I tried counselling and CBT but nothing has changed. Kim was recommended to me as an excellent coach so I went to see her.’

Client feedback: ‘I couldn’t have done it without Kim’s help. She has helped me get back on track and I feel the same confidence that I had prior to gambling. I have had a promotion and I can see the future is bright. I am so grateful for your help, I recommend you highly.’
Situation 2
Overcoming anxiety and fatigue
‘I suffer with anxiety and have a young child and busy job. I feel like I just function rather than live life and have a busy brain that never stops talking! I had tried unsuccessful counselling but nothing appeared to work. I saw Kim give a talk on ‘Mindset and the brain’, so I got in contact with her to help me.’ 

Client feedback: ‘After our first session together I felt completely different, I left feeling more peaceful, and very optimistic and inspired that I could create change for myself and finally had some easy to use strategies to use to help myself. The benefits I felt after that first session have stayed with me since. I feel a lot calmer, happier and more content with myself. I can’t recommend Kim highly enough!’
Situation 3
Taking back control of life
‘I had neck cancer and was feeling very low. I knew I was carrying some stuff from the past that needed to be let go of. I was feeling angry and tired and I needed sorting out. Kim was recommended to me so I thought, let’s give coaching a try.’

Client feedback: ‘Working with Kim was not at all what I expected; it was both far more difficult and far more rewarding than I had anticipated. During our time together Kim remained focused on why we were there. She helped me understand what I really wanted and not just dealing with the cancer, but the issues around it. In addition, we looked at other areas of my life that had caused obstacles and blockages, preventing me from reaching what was important to me.

Having now been through this, I would now also class my own experience, very definitely as a success. I have now passed a critical stage in my cancer treatment thanks to my doctors; and am now able to look forward to moving my life ahead without so much excess mental baggage and in a far better state of mind.

I found working with Kim enlightening and personally rewarding and would recommend her to anyone, but would also recommend seeing Kim before waiting for something nasty like cancer to strike first.’
Situation 4
Managing anger and creating positivity
'I was getting stressed and anger was showing in the workplace. My boss suggested I see Kim to help me with the loss of my brother 6 years ago. I was so angry at his loss, that I couldn't move forward. The frustration inside me was overspilling into work and people were standing on eggshells around me.’

Client feedback: ‘I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for your help over these past few months. I was in a very dark place and couldn’t see through the red mist. However the techniques you gave me has helped lift my mood.  

Having someone independent away from the situation helps rationalise the way you think, when it was first suggested I couldn’t understand why, but all I can say now is how grateful I am.   I am beginning to understand the way I think and how having a different approach helps resolves issues, which allows me not to get stressed. I am also more aware now of other people’s thought process, and will continue to focus on the positives.  

What I’ve also liked is your honesty, you haven’t just sat and listened you have suggested how I could have approached things, and pointed out my own personality traits.’